Danny Lopez

     Danny Lopez married Deniese Reann Ioli, daughter of William Donald Ioli Jr. and Myfanwy Patricia McKusick, on 30 April 1983 at Globe, AZ.


Deniese Reann Ioli b. 31 Oct 1960, d. 16 Jul 1985

Brian Merritt Stith

     Brian Merritt Stith married Jennika (Jeeka) Nydia McKusick, daughter of Brian Dennis McKusick and Abigail Lota Guarn, on 4 September 2011 at Chandler, AZ.

Fernando Bermudez

     Fernando Bermudez married Kunimi Andrea Nagasawa, daughter of Naoyuki Nagasawa and Teri Suzanne Soeder, on 19 September 2009 at Tokyo, Japan.

Scott Edward Hoffman

FatherGeorge Martin Hoffman Jr.
MotherPatricia Jane Bolinger
     Scott Edward Hoffman married Frances McKusick Condit, daughter of Geoffrey Dodd Condit and Kathleen Huntington McKusick, on 13 March 2010 at Phoenix, AZ.

George Martin Hoffman Jr.

     George Martin Hoffman Jr. married Patricia Jane Bolinger.

Patricia Jane Bolinger

     Patricia Jane Bolinger married George Martin Hoffman Jr.

Paris Jade Reynolds

FatherDaniel Reynolds
MotherAmy Goodman
     Paris Jade Reynolds married Robert Thorndike Poor, son of Doyle Zane Poor Jr. and Stephani Ann McKusick, on 10 October 2010 at Safford, AZ.

Daniel Reynolds

     Daniel Reynolds married Amy Goodman on 21 June 1985.

Amy Goodman

     Amy Goodman married Daniel Reynolds on 21 June 1985.

Mariana Habib Sentieri

FatherAlberto Sentieri Filho
MotherSilvia Helena Habib
     Mariana Habib Sentieri married Gabriel Benjamin Wickizer, son of Boyd Wickizer Jr. and Eve Christine McKusick, on 18 February 2012 at Lakewood, NJ.

Alberto Sentieri Filho

     Alberto Sentieri Filho married Silvia Helena Habib.

Silvia Helena Habib

     Silvia Helena Habib married Alberto Sentieri Filho.

Jenny Rebecca Hemmingson

FatherCurtis Alfred Hemmingson b. 6 Mar 1940, d. 25 Jul 2001
MotherDonna Jean Scray
     Jenny Rebecca Hemmingson married Scott Alan McKusick, son of Kenneth Alan McKusick and Rosalie Manson, on 12 May 2012 at Colrain, MA.

Ariel Cheney

FatherGary Cheney
MotherSusan Shangraw b. 19 Jul 1952, d. 1 Jan 2012
     Ariel Cheney married Christopher George Hopkins, son of Gary Hopkins and Patricia McKusick, on 25 July 2009 at Green River Village, VT.

Gary Cheney

     Gary Cheney married Susan Shangraw.


Susan Shangraw b. 19 Jul 1952, d. 1 Jan 2012

Susan Shangraw

F, b. 19 July 1952, d. 1 January 2012
     Susan Shangraw married Gary Cheney. Her married name was Cheney. Susan Shangraw was born on 19 July 1952 at Springfield, VT. She died on 1 January 2012 at Windham, VT, at age 59.

Curtis Alfred Hemmingson

M, b. 6 March 1940, d. 25 July 2001
     Curtis Alfred Hemmingson was born on 6 March 1940. He married Donna Jean Scray on 25 October 1968 at MI. Curtis Alfred Hemmingson died on 25 July 2001 at age 61.

Donna Jean Scray

     Donna Jean Scray married Curtis Alfred Hemmingson on 25 October 1968 at MI.


Curtis Alfred Hemmingson b. 6 Mar 1940, d. 25 Jul 2001

Kathryn Brogan

     Kathryn Brogan married Kurt Andrew Cote, son of Thomas Timothy Cote and Sandra Jane Homstead, on 10 October 2009.

Patricia Stringel

     Patricia Stringel married Steven Moffat Shepard, son of Andrew Moffat Shepard and Judith Louise Humphrey, on 1 August 2009 at Larchmont, NY.